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List your OB Truck, SNG and Equipment for Sale


List your OB Truck, SNG and or related Outside Broadcast Equipment for sale on the Onvision website here.

We charge sellers 5% commission for vehicles over £75,000 value and 7.5% for vehicles under £75,000 value; for higher valued vehicles we can negotiate a fixed fee. It is free to list your OB and commission is payable only when the vehicle is sold . Your OB will also be listed for free with Kit Plus   ( TV Bay ) and Broadcast Film and Video . We handle all negotiations and help with sales logistics. If we accompany buyers to viewings, travel expenses will be charged. Click here to see our sales terms. Buyers do not pay commsion.

Once you have submitted the form we will check the details before publishing it. We may contact you for further information before publishing. It may take a few days before it goes live on the site. We reserve the right to not publish under some circumstances.

Please also send good quality photographs in jpeg format high resolution camera originals if possible by email to sales@onvison.co.uk or a cloud service such as Dropbox or Wetransfer. Internal shots are best taken with good lighting rather then dimmed lighting with only the production screens lit up as people want to see all of the equipment rather than just lit up screens. Best if you can use a good camera and wide-angle lens or get some professional shots taken. Try to avoid pictures which have your company logo on the monitor screens or any copyright pictures ( just colour bars on the screens is better ). We can edit out any company logos and names etc on the outside of the truck but it can be very time consuming to edit out a company name on 50 screens ! We can provide photography and  360 Video  shoot and edit service for a fee in the UK. We may travel outside of the UK to see the truck and take pictures for a fee plus expenses, especially if it is a hot tropical place ! Also please send by email to sales@onvision.co.uk , or cloud storage service such as Dropbox or WeTansfer any technical details in PDF format, please also send us a floor plan in PDF or jpeg format if you have one. Please make it clear to us what is being included in the sale ie : Cameras, Lenses, Tripods, Cable, Mics etc. l

It is also very important to make clear the age of the actual chassis of a vehicle, when it was coach built, when the system integration was done and whether the complete OB /SNG /Equipment is in working condition etc. Buyers  will ask us for a full inventory of equipment included  so please also send this to us in any format. Please also ask for our advice on the value of your OB etc if you are not sure.

You will receive an email after you have submitted this form for confirmation. Any company or personal information you give us will not be passed on to any other company / person / third party without your permission. Click here to view our privacy statement plus terms and conditions

We can also sell your higher value Broadcast Equiment in our Equipment section on a brokeradge basis, just send us full details and good pictures. Commission charged to sellers is from 5% to 7.5%, depending on the value  of the equipment. You don't need to use this form to list equipment only, just send pictures and details to equipment@onvision.co.uk . Broadcast Equipment  will also be  listed with Kit Plus and Broadcast Film and Video .