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KU Band HD DSNG - OB 1.5m Antenna - 3 Sony Cameras and VTR Left Hand Drive SOLD

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  • Model:
    Sprinter 316 CD! Left Hand Drive
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  • Unit Price:
    €135,000 SOLD September 2020
  • System Description:
    Left Hand Drive SNG with 3 Sony Camera channels, Lenses, Tripods, BLT Slow Motion System 4 in - 2 out

    Antenna System
    Kind of Antenna: COBHAM (ERA)
    Diameter: 1.5 m OFFSET
    Spectrum analyzer: IFR GA-4063 9KHz – 3GHz
    2 linear access: 1 Horizontal / 1 Vertical
    Antenna Gain
    TX Gain: 45.5 dBi (14 GHz) at W/G output of OMT (14.0 GHz)
    TX frequency range: 13.75 – 14.5 GHz
    RX Gain: 43.7 dBi at W/G output of filter (11.7GHz)
    RX frequency range: 10.95 – 12.75 GHz
    Max EIRP: 70.6 dBW
    Redundancy: Wave guide switch
    Power Amplifier: 2 x 200 Watt ADVANTECH
    ITA 792 - Technical Specifications
    MPEG-4 MPEG-2 DVB Encoder
    Encoder: 2 x ADTEC EN-100
    Mpeg2 Mpeg4 4:2:0 4:2:2 8/10 bit SD HD
    BISS encryption
    Rate range: 0 to 30 Mbps
    SD-HDSDI with 4 audio embedded or AES-EBU
    or 4 analog pairs with Dolby E and Dolby DIGITAL
    1 analogue video PAL or NTSC (1V/75 Ohm) or 1 serial digital video
    Encoder: 1 x Tandberg E 5788
    Mpeg2 4:2:0 4:2:2
    Rate Range: 0 to 110 Mbps, 1 analogue video PAL or NTSC
    (1V/75 Ohm) or 1 serial digital video
    (270 Mbps Rec. CCIR 601) with up
    to 4 audio pairs analogue/AES or 4 embedded audio
    RAS/BISS encryption
    Modulator: 2 x internal NEWTEC QPSK 8PSK DVB-S DVB-S2

    Redundancy: 2+1 HD Mpeg2
    ITA 792 - Technical Specifications

    Reception Capabilities
    IRD: 2 x ADTEC RD70 SD-HD Mpeag2/4 4:2:0 4:2:2 color 8/10 bit
    HD digital video with audio embedded or AES/EBU audio for HD
    BISS decryption
    1 x Tandberg 1290 Mpeg 2 SD-HD
    DVBS/DVBS2, QPSK/8PSK, analogue and digital video outputs,
    4 stereo audio pairs outputs (analogue or digital) RAS and BISS
    LNB: 2 x Swedish Model KU band PLL o.l. 10.000/11.300 Mhz
    1 Satellite dish cm. 85: Az/El mount with pedestal and universal LNB
    1 Satellite receiver: Sky Box with Sky Smart Card
    1 DDT receiver: Humax DVB-T

    Monitor and distribution devises Video distribution:
    3 x analog video distributor LINX
    2 x analog to SDI converter LINX
    1 x SDI to analog converter LINX
    4 x HD/SDI video and audio distribution LINX
    2 x Blackmagic fiber optic converter TX-RX
    4 x Optix fiber optic converter

    Video capabilities:
    1 x Mixer video For.a HVS-350 HD SD
    1 x Matrice For.a 16 x 16

    Video monitoring:
    2 x Monitor Led Samsung 32”
    1 x Monitor LG 42”
    2 x Kroma LM7000 SD/HD 3G + waveform, vectorscope, histogram
    2 x Multiview Apantac
    Audio distribution: 3 x Audio analog distributor LINX
    2 x Blackmagic audio to SDI embedder
    2 x Blackmagic SDI to audio Dembeders
  • Length:
  • Width:
  • Height:
  • Weight:
    Total 3500kg
  • Recorded Milage:
    50,000 km
  • Power System:
    External: 220 V single phase (32A connector) 50 HZ 8-10 KVA.
    Internal: Fischer Panda PVMV-N15, 15KW Generator Mono Phase.
    1 UPS: Seltec 6000 .
    1 power drum: 60. mt with 32A connector.
  • Air Conditioning:
    Telair 12.000 HT 11.000 BTU
    Dometic 10.000 BTU
  • VTR-Edit:
    Video player/recorder: 1 x Sony XDCAM PDW-1200
    1 x Sony IMX
    1 x DVD/Blu-ray recorder
    BLT Slow motion system 4 in plus 2 out
  • Audio System:
    Audio capabilities: 2 x Audio speaker Foster
    1 x Audio speaker Sony
    1 x Mixer Audio Yahama LS9 32*16CH
    1 x Wohler 16-Channel A/V
    2 x Phoenix Stratos GSM ISDN Audiocodec
    1 x Intercom Kroma 5000
    (n.12 4 wire / n.5 digital pannel / n.4 2 wire)
    ITA 792 - Technical
  • Cameras/Lenses:
    3 x Sony HSC-100RT cameras channels
    3 x 25x Fujinon Lenses
    3 x Cartoni Tripods
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