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Single Expanding 13m Rack Ready Trailer - Price Reduced August 2019 SOLD

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    Krämer in Groß-Gerau/Satcom / Proven Solutions
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    See below
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    €95.000 SOLD
  • System Description:
    The OB Van was designed by the BFE company and built by the legendary company Krämer in Groß-Gerau, Germany, in a modern sandwich construction. It went into operation in early 2000. In 2012, it was sold by its first owner, a German broadcaster, including AV technology. Subsequently, the van was extensively renovated by SATCOM Mobile Media for a new customer. The chassis was re-primed and repainted from the outside. The interior has been redesigned and appears in a modern setting. All equipment has been removed and disposed of so that the vehicle is currently available as a rack-ready version for rapid fitting.
    The superior quality of the chassis was further improved in the course of the renovation and adapted to the current state of the art. For this, the entire wiring was removed from the cable ducts. The cable ducts and cable chains have been cleaned. The electrical equipment, the lighting, the interior, the climate, etc. has also been completely reworked. The production desks and the audio table are now electrically movable and adapt to the room concept. Among other things, the vehicle has a walk-in roof with a camera platform, a pneumatic 8-meter mast, awnings above the respective entrances, various electric cable drums from Schill and more.
    Mercedes Benz tractor also included with 480 HP (MB, type ACTROS 1848) with mega-space cab and all equipment features - see below.

    Power System
    The trailer has a power supply of 400V, 75kVA. Connector Mennekes CEE 125A. In the underfloor area at the back right under the stairs is a motorized Schill power cable drum. Operation is via a footswitch. On the cable drum there is a 30-meter-long power supply cable of the type H07RN-F 5x35mm². Flanged to the drum is a power coupling CEE 125A. The complete power supply of the semitrailer is primarily and secondarily protected by a Ruhstrat isolation transformer 3x25kVA with 100A NH disconnector. Inside the vehicle there is the extensive network distribution with analogue display of voltages and currents, FI-Die circuit breakers, fuses, switches for monitoring and various operating and display elements. Another special feature are the voltage stabilizers for the technology network. These have a power of 3x10kVA with integrated bypass switch. The analog display instruments for voltage and current of the regulated network are located in the electrical distribution. The sound control has a separate main technical switch, which is located offset from the electrical distribution in the sound control. Dimmable LED spots for illuminating the workstations, as well as Ambiente LED lights in the area of the floor ensure a good but not exaggerated illumination of the rooms. There are recessed luminaires in 24V technology as so-called "cleaning light". 2 ON-Air lights are located at the entrance doors (switch inside). Environment Lights on both sides and at the rear of the trailer. There are 2 electric awnings above the entrance doors, electrically mobile production tables with touch operation and electrically mobile mixing console with touch operation. There is 230V auxiliary power supply for driving the electric support system and the "side wall extension". The 24V DC power supply with 2 x 12V Heavy Duty battery is conveniently placed on pull-out rails. It includes a battery charger Mastervolt 24V 50A, a 230V air compressor to supply the front mounted pneumatic mast and an electric Schill cable drum system with foot switch.

    Air Conditioning System ( not currently working - needs maintenance or replacement )
    An air conditioning system from Noske-Kaeser is installed in the semi-trailer. All units have a 400V three-phase connection and are filled with R22 refrigerant. According to Noske-Kaeser, a conversion to a current refrigerant is possible but not necessary for a functioning and tight system.
    The air conditioner for rooms and appliances consists of 2 pieces of Noske-Kaeser compressor units type RVE25-U. The cooling capacity is about 25KW per system.
    Connected to these compressor units are five independent evaporator units of the type Noske-Kaeser K17.0 with a cooling capacity of approximately 7KW each. The integrated heater is realized by means of heating rods with a maximum heating power of 4.5 KW each.
    One evaporator unit is installed in the roof, the other in the underfloor area. The air duct in the lower area is made by means of large-area insulated ventilation ducts.
    In addition, a powerful fan for better transport of air in the underfloor area is integrated.
    The two control boxes with contactors, circuit breakers, control and display elements are conveniently located in the underfloor area on the left side of the trailer on pull-out rails.
    There is also a remote control and display unit in the electrical distribution in the OB van. The regulation of the room temperatures is done via rotary control. For the device cooling, permanently set 3-point controller are installed.
    For the area of sound control, a compact system with a maximum cooling capacity of 6.5 KW from Noske-Kaeser is installed at the front of the trailer. This system is used for cooling and heating the sound control directly via laterally flanged air ducts for supply and return air.
    Parking heater Satcom semi-trailer
    In addition to the heating of the air conditioning in the trailer, a diesel water heater from Webasto, type DBW2020 is installed with a maximum heat output of about 23KW. The heater has a separate diesel tank.
    Various water heat exchangers with integrated fans are distributed in the rooms. The regulation of the water heater is controlled by a Webasto comfort control clock, which is integrated in the electrical distribution.
  • Length:
    13m Aprox
  • Height:
  • Weight:
  • Audio System:
    Sound desk
    Soundtracs PLC
    Model: DPC II
    Software: Version 2 / Win 3.11 OS
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